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Day 9: Japan


I’m a bit if a Japanophile… just a bit. Not at all at weeaboo level (lol that word…)- I have a realistic, grounded appreciation for the country and culture (not detracting from my own in anyway). Not that I needed to state that right…?
Well anyway, at the moment, I’m learning Japanese and plan to take the JLPT test in December. Its on my bucket list to get to level N2 or N3 at least and also to check out all the mascots ( Japan is big on mascots :D) and to generally immerse myself in the culture for a good few years of travel across most if not all the prefectures. Hopefully starting next year if that’s not too soon.

My inspiration for todays prompt is a picture that I came across of a geisha performing an odori (dance) which can be likened to the ballet or opera in the west.
This particular odori depicts the story of Izanami the goddess of both creation and death who gave birth to eight lovely children, whom became the islands of Japan.

Ja matta *waves*


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