Day 7: Kids


This was a horrible word to throw in there! Yes, I love kids but my goodness it was tough thinking of something to draw under ‘kids’. I procrastinated almost half the day, to be honest – I had no idea what to paint. I thought of hand lettering quotes by kids but, funny though they are, it couldn’t be translated to art… well by me anyway. I thought of drawing actual kids but that was too simple/easy in a way.
Then I thought of my sisters kids and how they love books and stories. They had inspired me at one point to attempt children’s book illustration but for some reason that didn’t quite stick. Their favourite stories were the original Grimm’s fairytales which we’d read together (they loved how I would make the voices and stuff… *sigh* good times).
So with that I decided to have a go at illustrating my own personal favourite – The Juniper Tree, in a child friendly way to fit today’s prompt.
After a couple of sketches, the first painting was done but I did not feel that it would look quite right a children’s book so I made another.
Here’s the first painting – for interests sake. I referenced from photo of a peacock in flight.




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