Day 5: The Sea/Ocean

Todays prompt got me looking up my favourite creatures in all the natural world – sea creatures! After deciding I would not go with ocean/seascapes I thought to go with the residents of the vast expanse rather.
I thought of starfish, seahorse, the helmit urchin (love these little guys), turtles and shells (which were a deep interest of mine not too long ago)… I think I love the sea too much but honestly theres just sooo much to discover and be excited about!
Anyway I finally decided on jellyfish.
Not just any jellyfish mind you… but the IMMORTAL jellyfish… scientific name; turritopsis dohrnii.


These amazing creatures got their name from their ability, at will, to transform back into a polyp to begin its life cycle anew. This it does in extreme cases like salinity changes or starvation or if its been hurt really badly. There isn’t a lot of research being done on these guys but there is a scientist in Japan who has devoted himself to cultivating and learning all he can about them. Although he has a gift with getting these guys to grow in his lab (something very dificult to achieve), he is sadly a one man team. You should read this interview with him sometime… and with that I stop my geeky rambling.(o^ .^o).

The painting was fun to do, I used masking fluid to block out the jelly but it didn’t quite come off after! I had a really thin layer on (I sometimes dilute it for easier application) but it looks alright. I like that it took the colour the way that it did but I’m a bit worried about the longterm. I’m hoping nothing terribly averse will happen. *crosses fingers*



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