Day 5: Colour

Colour. Who knew it would be so hard to come up with something to paint under this prompt. I made three paintings today. Wow right. I made more time I guess.
The first came about based on how colour travels in waves which made me think of actual waves in the sea… and thought it would be cool if I painted a wave in multicolour.


I used a bit of gesso on watercolour paper painted on it with watercolours and added to the foamy bits with a bit of white guache.

The second was an abstract piece. I dont know I love creating abstracts lately. My technique is pretty basic though as you see.


And then I got to the end of the day and was hankering to use my masking fluid which I’d been wanting to use for a while. And tried a bit more handlettering. This is something I’m getting into and will post about soon but for now heres the last piece for today.


So thats it for day 5 yay! Almost through with week one. *Whoop whoop* lol

Alright then… thats me off to bed. (With a wonderful sense of accomplishment at that ^_^)



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