Day 4: South Africa

Gugh… I’m not sure I want to post todays prompt (lol, what are my rules anyway?) but I will, because the point is to attempt something – not get it perfect. So, with a deep breath I present my attempt at rock art. Well not rock art per se but an impression of sorts?


I copied a small part of the famous Linton panel painted many many years ago by shaman Khoisan people of Southern Africa. The khoisan were the original inhabitors of South Africa and they left their marks and stories by way of rock paintings throughout the areas they travelled on their nomadic journeys. Sadly much of their history has been lost through the ages but what has been discovered has been given every care to being well preserved; such as the piece for my inspiration today – the Linton Panel. It was a bit eery to paint because the longer you look the more you see and archeologists say the shamans of the tribe were illustrating a spiritual journey of a trance state. There is a bright light source that all the figures seem to be climbing with threads of light towards which I wasn’t able to copy here. I kinda want to analyze the whole block here but I won’t. I love caves (did you know that the same graphic marks occur throughout the worlds caves so much as to suggest an ancient graphic language that may have been passed along?…) and am fascinated by cave art but I won’t bore you with the little tiny details!
Anyway, this part of the panel has the guy who appears on the South African coat of arms. (Although they’ve censored the penis out of it).

I thought of painting the king protea, or a coastal city, one of the big five, or a special building but I felt painting an aspect of the Khoisan culture/tradition/history would make better sense since they are the first known inhabitants of the place. Were here before the English, the Dutch and even the Bantu/Nguni people.
Later, though when I got home I tried to  paint a protea…I couldn’t help it I wasn’t feeling too good about the main piece.


I’m not done but its the end of the day. I’m happy with what I got done today. But I may continue with it (the king protea) after these 29 days are all done.



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