Landscapes · Watercolour

Day 3: Lake


Todays piece of art for the daily challenge is Lake Quill and a tiny bit of Sutherland Falls.

I think New Zealand is a beautiful place and one day I want to travel there and see as much of it as I can. I basically want to travel everywhere but New Zealand is in my top lists.
I managed to paint this within my lunch break and was happy at the speed. Usually with landscapes I get very bogged down and want to make it perfect or detailed or both. I didn’t even start out with a pencil sketch-just straight onto the paper with the watercolours. Pretty exhilarating if you can imagine. (Well to me anyway ^_^)
This painting was inspired by a picture I found on pinterest which I traced back to this site which has further info.

See you in the next post! 😀


6 thoughts on “Day 3: Lake

      1. Intention to stay but my husband’s job situation changed just when I was pregnant with my second child so we took an offer from the same company to move to Canada. He really wants to back he likes it so much. I’d retire there for sure. The kids love hockey here now.


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