Daily Challenge attempt! – Day 1: Animal

This weekend I decide I should do a daily prompt for this month. Waiting for inspiration to strike is not inspiring.
So I wrote a list of mostly stuff I like but also stuff I want to try (like #21, #28 and #29). It turned out like this:
1. Animal
2. Yarn/wool
3. Lake
4. South Africa
5. Colour
6. The sea/ocean
7. Kids
8. Urban
9. Japan
10. Yummy
11. Outer space
12. Time
13. Tea
14. Love
15. Park
16. Music
17. Scarf
18. Text
19. Healthy
20. Favourite Character
21. Original character
22. Abstract
23. Light (as in opp. darkness)
24. Soft
25. Style/fashion
26. Small
27. Travel
28. Monochrome
29. Silhoutte

I did get started on the first word, yesterday and surprised myself that I actually finished it in time. ^_^


Initially I was going to paint a cat. But I found a picture that inspired me to draw a cat at a different place on my list so I had to pick another animal. I had been to the museum the previous weekend and sketched four animals (horrendously mind you so I didn’t bother to mention it) one of them was this pretty little finch called the Long-tailed Paradise Whydah (or uJojokhaya in my native tounge). I searched for pictures online and attempted better sketches. I think it turned out alright?

I also painted something today but I’ll only be able to post up tomorrow. I’ll make sure its (roughly) the first thing I do!



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