Watercolour Pencils

Watercolour pencils

I tried my hand at watercolour pencils a couple days ago. I painted over the sketches I uploaded before.
I had used watercolour pencils before but I can’t believe I’d completely forgotten about them; they are so much fun!


I love how intense they becone when you brush water over them. You basically colour over your drawing as you would with regular colour pencils; mixing colours, adding tone, etc. Only you go over it with a wet brush after. You can spread them around but only so far, though, before you have to ‘borrow’ pigment from another area. You can also pull some pigment off the tip of the pencil with your brush and paint directly (as you would with paints).

I used the watercolour pencils very lightly on this one.

Drawing with a dampened pencil tip is also an option… but I feel this is best for decisive bold lines or shadow areas because once applied this way its kinda hard to smugde or soften.

I particularly like the jeans here. I coloured using two blues and very little black. This turned out more realistic jean-like.

As you can imagine these are pretty interesting to work with. I’m sure I could’ve smoothed them out more if I wanted to, but I love how the sketchy feel didn’t get lost in these.
I want to try working with both paints and pencil see how well they work together.


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