Cute new sketch books.

I recently got a set of 2 Hahnemühle sketch books. Cute little A5 sized softcovers at 125gsm, one pink and one grey. I thought I’d get them for quick sketches in watercolour mostly but also for pencil or ink.
With practise I’ll learn to make only the most necessary of brush marks. Thats the hope anyway. Here’s what I got so far.


I applied a layer gesso before painting this to see what would happen.

I think I’ll also be doing a few experiments in these. Like the sunrise painting for example – I applied a layer of acrylic gesso on the paper before painting over it. I want to try a rougher application and also a very smooth one later.

A painting of poppies.

Attempt at poppies for the umteenth time in the history of me painting! I can never get these right. Alas I shall keep trying even so.


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