Line-art · Sketches

Little feet take me to somewhere new.

Not much painting got done since the last post..  more than I expected to do but still not enough.

Small pencil sketch on half A5 sized paper.
Another pencil sketch on a small piece of paper.
Last pencil sketch on small piece of paper.

I’m learning that a professional artist (if I ever want to become one!) makes time when they don’t reckon there’ll be enough and works even when they are not inspired/up to it. So I started with these 10 minute sketches… there are more but I don’t want to hurt your eyes!

I also got to make another white paint sketch. I enjoyed the minimal palette and found I could work more tone than I usually do. (I didn’t mean to make this a foot/legs series lol I guess I wanted to practise more than I realised.)

White paint sketch onto A5 black stock paper.

I’ve been working around my work and life schedule; staying up later or starting earlier in the day to paint/draw. It hasn’t been that difficult since I already get up early to stretch. I’ve just added another thing.
Also, I’ve set up an Instagram profile and have been uploading there as well if you’re interested.
I’m connecting even more with artists and it feels great. Getting out of this introverted-socially anxious (un)comfort zone is surprisingly fun!


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