Landscapes · Watercolour

Landscape I

I tried to finish the previous landscape and although its only looking a bit better and I’m more or less happy with it, I feel like I didn’t enjoy it like I should have.


Heres what I figure from my frustrated thoughts:
1. I tried too hard to make it look like the reference photo and ended up not enjoying simply expressing the feeling I first felt when I saw it – I think I successfully managed to lose the feeling in fact.
2. I second guessed my technique all the way. Asking “am I doing this right” is a sure buzz kill. I need to relax a bit (…’kay a lot) more.
3. Maybe full landscape scenes aren’t for me? …maybe I should try painting nature “elements” like just the trees or just a  mountain or just a lake or maybe even try a simplified/bare style thats not so full/thick/solid… this would be hard though ’cause I’m a sucker for detail at times and filling out the paper.
4. I made too much of a big deal about trying to get it ‘perfect’ or ‘acceptable’.. really all I need is to make it pass for a landscape especially since I’m not doing abstract.

5. I keep treating watercolours like acrylics… I shouldn’t be doing this. Watercolour is great with plenty unpainted areas or lightly painted areas. I’m not getting that luminosity here that I admire in other artists’ watercolour paintings.

There are other things but I’m not comfortable writing long posts so I will stop here; also, I think if I do go on I’d be roughly kinda saying the same things.

If you read this far… thank you. You must be an awesome person – give yourself a big tight hug. \(^·~)/ I know I would!


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