A little rambling never hurt nobody…

So. Its been a little over two weeks that I haven’t updated this space.
First week was hectic. Second week my jerk brain just couldn’t deal.
I have issues. I’m dealing. Anyway…
Without further digression, I am determined to get my momentum right back up. (Think Suzume-chan type energy levels from Hirunaka no Ryuusei lol {fav manga right now})
I have some ideas going in a couple of directions. I don’t want to bog myself down with focusing on one style or whatever right now…
One of the things I want to do is draw with white. Heres something I tried:

White pencil on black paper – first go.

I kinda like the idea of ‘adding light’ to something. If I could indulge myself in considering myself an artist I would love to make a series of pieces like this. With much better tones than this ofcourse.(this is something I’m working on)

I also started with some fantasy type portraits… I want to get good at that. Fantasy scenes and fantasy beings/people. Kind like this:

First try at fantasy type person… really its just the ears and the skin…but lets pretend its a great start. ^_~

Ahh yeah soo anyhow, I haven’t been able to do much yet… coz of reasons…but here we go! *holds fist and looks into the distance dramatically and full of purpose*


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