Portraits · Watercolour

Almost done

I haven’t had a lot of time lately but I’ve managed to slowly get going with this one. Currently it looks like this:


I managed to kinda get that background I was thinking. It turned out better than I thought it would…
I found a technique tutorial on Youtube. Just need to find it again and link to it here.(Update: Found it! Heres the link.)
Basically what you do is wet the paper, apply tissue layer by layer while spritzing water over it, ’til its wet and layered, then you pour diluted watercolour paint over it randomly, let it dry, and finally peel it off et voila. Heres how mine looked:


I had a little masking fluid underneath around the edges just to be sure not to get it onto the body.


Just a little more work and I’ll be all done. Yay \(^_^)/


*Here’s the final piece.


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