Series of mini paintings prior creation

Last month I was making little paintings because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I decided maybe if I go smaller I could focus on techniques? I don’t know. But I did have fun and felt some of the pressure was off. No idea why it was there in the first place. >.<
I decided to make a them like old school polaroid photos. I have a soft spot for the 600 series cameras.

Here’s the template cutout I used to trace create lots of little rectangles


Then I would trace it onto the watercolour paper torn out of my sketchpad and cut that out.


And then I use masking fluid. I really like applying masking fluid. Its only downside is that it can make the paper go a little yellow if you leave it too long. I have used masking tape but there have been times when it rips the paper off when I peel it off so I’m kinda weary of it most times.


I’ll make a separate blog post for the actual painted ‘photos’.


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