Getting started!

Around June this year I decided to focus. On art. And fullfilling my dreams but going into detail would cause me to digres…so. Art. I had studied before but due to hectic social anxiety issues which lead to a breakdown and some other personal issues culminating, I stopped. Promising myself I’d get back to it eventually but… life didn’t get any less chaotic or easier to handle so I decided what the hey maybe if I go at my own pace on my own maybe I could get somewhere aaand here I am.

Small (A5) wirebound art journal sketchbook I bought with Pentel waterbrush.

I made the decision to follow the art path again. Bought some watercolours, a sketch book, a water brush (which I’ve since misplaced) and decided I’d paint or draw as often as I could. 

My first actual ‘painting’ in it was what i think is a Sakura branch. (I love Japan so at any given moment something about it is kinda always in my head ^_^)

First actual use of watercolours in sketch book.

I hope this hasnt been too long but thanks for reading!
I’ll be adding some other stuff I’ve worked on soon and will do my best to keep this blog updated with the latest after that.

-Sissh ^_^


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