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Unposted sketches

These are a few sketches from my absence that I didn’t get to post on here. I was posting on instagram for a bit to try and keep myself going. I mentioned on there that sketching was basically all I seemed to be able to churn out. I’m working on getting out of that funk though, so, soon I’ll be experimenting with colour again and also fleshing out some rougher sketches (like the ones below).


Sorry I’ve been away…

I feel bad for how long its taken me to write this. A part of me just wants to keep it in, pretend, and just go straight back into it like nothing happened but blogs are for sharing and although I still can’t talk about it, I want you guys to know the reason at least. My Dad passed away recently and it just literally stopped me in my tracks.

I know, that my Dads spirit is safe in Jesus, so in that light his death isn’t the end. But, still, it really was a shock all the same in the natural. Although he was sick for a while we just didn’t expect it. In our minds although he was on chemo, the doctors were doing their best and telling us good things so we had high hopes even though they hadn’t quite figured his illness out yet. I wasn’t able to work very well while he was ill and even less so after it happened and added to that  we had to move house which had its own anxieties and stress.

I don’t want go into detail but I do want to apologize for being away for so long without saying anything. I didn’t plan on staying away, I just… stayed away. And that was sucky of me, I know… especially since I’m a big believer is pushing forward no matter what happens in life, making time for people and showing kindness and love no matter the situation. But this hit me really hard and I just closed up (like I wasn’t mean and bitter or anything I just auto-piloted for a bit and that to me is the worst kind of kindness – lacking heart).

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m okay yet but I have an eternal hope in Jesus, and since part of faith is action, I have to keep moving and building a life to be happy with even though I’ve lost one of the people who I would love to enjoy it with.

I want to hold myself accountable and let you guys know that I will be getting back to pace soon with uploads. And I will be checking in on everyones blogs even sooner! (I can’t wait to see what everyones been up to. ^_^).


P.S.: I’ve turned off comments to this post but I thank you for your kind thoughts in advance. And thank you for your other comments on other posts; I will be going through those right after posting this. 🙂

Text/Hand lettering

Calligraphy in Zulu

I’ve been doing a lot of calligraphy recently and I can’t seem to stop! I haven’t done proper calligraphy with a dip pen in years but I’ve been feeling like going for it again lately and so I have. I’d forgotten how fun it can be, but I still have a lot of practice to do on it. Just as well since I haven’t been able to paint anything I feel worth showing.

Anyway at some point yesterday I started writing in isiZulu and it felt a bit weird that I hadn’t done so before lol. Anyway here’s one that I got to digitally edit when I finally took a break ^_^


Loosely translated it basically means “You are mine o Lord” or “Lord, you are mine” (as in Psalm 119:57).


Text/Hand lettering · Watercolour

Lettering in a wreath

Saturday afternoon doodle-painting and lettering.


abstract · Digital · Portraits


After three days working on this I decided to call it done. I’m trying to create a more mixed media effect by adding in bits of pastel and pencil marks.



abstract · Digital · Portraits

Lady in Purple


I tried another abstract fashion illustration… I don’t know if ‘trying to layer splashes in a way that it looks like a dress’ counts for fashion illustration lol but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m (mostly) happy with the outcome.



doodle art · Text/Hand lettering

Adding a little flare to my letter doodles



This felt so much like drawing… I love it. I picked up my nieces jumbo beginner pencil (it was the closest thing right then) and just doodled away. I erased and edited a LOT but it felt freeing lettering this way…

Here are a few more using a regular 2B pencil this time ^_^

I’ll think I might be vectoring these a bit later.





Digital · Portraits

All Dressed Up



I’m always inspired by fashion illustration and sometimes I’ll ‘dip my toes’ as it were. This is another addition to my intentional attempts… I kinda like it but I’m not sure I’m quite settled on it.


Digital · Text/Hand lettering

You Are Enough Digital lettering

Because these words cannot be spoken enough to all the good people in the world who doubt themselves. 
I’m so enjoying doing digital calligraphy in Inkscape. 

And to think, when I first got it, it was begrudgingly, I didn’t really want it but the project I was doing needed vector images. Now I work in it almost everyday, haha.


abstract · Digital · Portraits

Digital Abstract Portraits III

Continuing with digital abstracts, I decided to challenge myself and draw guys as well. Drawing male faces is that much harder for me for some reason… but I thought it would be cool to have a go at it either way.The bearded guy took me like three do overs before I finally felt ‘alright’ about it.

The abstract part is its own horror and if I’m not watchful it can get out of hand but its lots of fun all the same.





{These have all been on A3 sized digital canvas’ and today I thought why not try this same style on paper… so I took out an A3 sheet (I usually work half that or smaller) of watercolour paper and so far I have a face in pencil. I’m going to attempt being as bold as I have been with these digital pieces. (I’m saying this to make myself accountable and don’t chicken out) I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^*}